Our experience in the self storage industry began in 1972 when Tom Nicholson, Jr. flew to San Antonio, Texas to evaluate a fledgling, 1 year old industry. A year later Tom Jr., completed the development and construction of Virginia’s first self storage facility. Tom Jr.’s son Tom III joined his father in 1979 and through the years, Tom III has overseen the development and construction of over twenty five facilities. Tom's years of experience are now available to our management accounts at a variety of levels on a fully customizable consulting basis.

If your planned facility is to be located in Virginia, we can provide turnkey development and general contracting services through our wholly owned general contracting affiliate, New Capital Builders. Our expertise in all aspects of project planning, development and construction will enable us to plan for the success of your project from the ground up.


We will lead your team of professionals to generate a site/building plan that will:

Maximize the likelihood of obtaining that difficult rezoning or use permit by minimizing objections from municipal officials and civic leagues.

Maximize land utilization efficiencies by minimizing loss of building square footage to on site storm retention, excessive land buffers, drive aisles and interior hallways.

Incorporate the latest industry innovations that will increase consumer acceptance and save you money. 


When you’re ready to begin the bidding/construction process we will:

Prepare a detailed budget that will enable you to get a handle on all expenditures that will be necessary to complete your project and open your facility for business – not just the hard construction costs that may be included in a typical General Contract.

Utilize our extensive database of current and completed projects to compare and confirm that the quotes/estimates received are competitive for the work to be performed or material to be supplied before going to contract. Most of our clients elect to engage us on a cost plus consulting basis; however, if you prefer we offer the option of a fixed price General Contract.

Provide you with a written schedule which will be more than a construction schedule – it will be a timeline for your entire project.
Although we cannot offer complete turnkey General Contracting services for projects planned outside Virginia, we can still offer the value of our planning, design and development services on a consulting basis. 


If your project is located in Virginia, we can provide you with complete construction management services, including the following:

We will contract directly with all the vendors and subcontractors

We will administer all contracts and process and pay all invoices

We will provide an on-site job supervisor.

All of the above services are available to you on a consulting basis if your project is outside of Virginia, except construction management. In this instance we will interface with and represent your interests with the General Contractor of your choice.

We are in business to serve the long term interests of our owners and so regretfully, the above services are available only to existing clients and owners seeking our management services.

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